About important book selection for self-study of programming

a.jpeg Introduction Recently, more and more people are trying to learn programming, regardless of whether they are children or adults. Programming classes have started to become compulsory in elementary schools, and more and more people are studying programming from restaurants, service industries, and sales and changing jobs to engineers. However, when you start self-study, you may find it difficult and frustrating, or you may have tried to buy a book, but there are too many types and you don't know which one to choose. For such people, in this article, I will explain how to self-study and how to choose a book so that you do not get frustrated.

About self-taught programming I often hear that if programming is self-study, it takes time to learn and the failure rate is high. When I hear such stories, I tend to think that self-studying programming is difficult, but that is not the case. If you are going to study programming by yourself from now on, it is important to choose which programming language, how to self-study, and book selection.

programming language for beginners Some programming languages ​​are easy for beginners to learn, and some are hard for beginners. If a beginner chooses a programming language with a high degree of difficulty, it will cause frustration. Programming languages ​​for beginners include PHP and JavaScript. Both languages ​​are recommended for beginners because their syntax and grammar are easy to understand, and it is relatively easy to introduce a development environment.

learning order When studying programming on your own, it is also important what kind of study method you take. Not so long ago, it was common to learn from books, but nowadays there are videos and online learning sites. Many of the books start with the introduction of the development environment and actually create the application, and the online learning site allows you to run the code on the site, so you can learn syntax and grammar immediately. Therefore, if a programming beginner learns programming by himself, it is good to incorporate these two well. As a procedure for studying programming, if you proceed with your study in the manner of study basic syntax and grammar on an online site'' →study from building a development environment with a book'' → ``actually build a system such as an application'', you will fail. will also be less.

Tips for choosing books for beginners Programming books include beginner, intermediate, and advanced programming books.

The title says super introductory Books for beginners have phrases such as "super introductory" and "friendly for programming beginners" on the title and cover. There are often things written as introductory on the cover, but even if it is written so, it may not be for beginners. Some are introductory to the language, some are not introductory to programming beginners, some are written for people with experience in other languages, some are for advanced users. However, those described as super introductory are introductory books for programming beginners. If you choose the wrong book, the content will be too difficult to understand and you will be frustrated. Below is a summary of the features of the book for programming beginners.

The cover and title say "Super Introductory" As I mentioned earlier, it is a good idea to choose a book for programming beginners that has "super introductory" or "beginners can understand" on the cover or title.

Many illustrations and diagrams A book that has an easy-to-understand image diagram or a character that appears in the text of the explanation is for beginners. Let's take a little look at the contents and check if the explanation is easy to understand and if the diagrams such as the image of the process are easy to understand. Just as there are different types of lecturers, there are different types of books that suit the individual. Technical books such as programming are not cheap at around 3000 yen per book, so you should check the contents before buying so as not to lose money. pet medicine

color printing Many programming books for beginners are printed in color, but most books for intermediate and advanced users are printed in black and white. Especially for advanced users, there are almost no explanations using diagrams, and it is almost only text in black and white printing. On the other hand, many books for beginners are printed in color because there are many diagrams and illustrations. Each chapter summarizes the main points, is written in bullet points, and includes exercises.

summary What did you think. I talked about the learning order and how to choose books so that beginners do not get frustrated when studying programming on their own. When programming is learned by self-study, the failure rate and acquisition rate change depending on the language to learn, learning method, and book selection. Choose a language that is easy for beginners to learn, and choose a language that allows you to realize what you have created. Also, it is better not to try to do difficult things from the beginning, but to build up from simple things one by one. That's the trick that doesn't discourage programming learning. ペットくすり